On-Line Experience Report : New York & Kuroishi January,2021 オンライン体験取材レポート


Hope you get to experience it in person someday~~いつかリアルで体験してほしい~~

In January 2021, we connected New York and Kuroishi online and invited Monika and Mari, who live in New York, to participate in three experience tours: “Zuguri Spinning & Recommended Cuisine (Kanesada Ryokan)“, “SAKIORI Experience and Lunch (Isara)”, and “Aizome Experience (Ringomura AKB Farm)”. Originally, we had hoped to have the participants visit Kuroishi City in Aomori Prefecture and experience various activities in Kuroishi, but due to the Covid 19, it was difficult to make this happen, so we decided to hold the event online.

2021年1月にニューヨークと黒石をオンラインで結び、NY在住のMonikaとMariに「ずぐり回し&おすすめ料理(かねさだ旅館)」「裂織の体験とランチ(李紗羅) 」「藍染体験(りんご村AKBファーム)」の3つの体験ツアーに参加していただきました。本来であれば青森県黒石市にお越しいただき、黒石の様々なアクティビティーを実際に体験していただきたかったのですがコロナ禍で、実現が難しくなりオンライン開催となりました。

Our Story Your Stories

We were invited to participate in an online tour to experience traditional Japanese things by connecting areas with a time difference of more than 12 hours online. The time difference between New York and Japan is 13 hours, so 9:00 AM in Kuroishi is 8:00 PM in New York. The experience reports were later compiled into a pamphlet along with a map showing the faces of the Knock Knock World members, and the printed pamphlet was placed at distribution spots in New York City.

A PDF version of the brochure we created can be downloaded below.



Unique traditional Japanese experience with Ranko



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