Tabi no Yado Saikawa / 旅之宿 齊川

Proprietress Tabino Yado Saikawa : Saikawa okami

Tabi no Yado Saikawa is a hot spring Ryokan located in Itadome Onsen, Kuroishi Hot Spring Village. We look forward to welcoming you to our Ryokan with its hot spring water and cuisine made with safe and delicious ingredients from Aomori Prefecture. In addition to our regular meal plans, we also offer a vegan plan that does not use ingredients of animal origin.

旅の宿 斉川は黒石温泉郷 板留温泉にある温泉旅館です。源泉かけ流しの温泉と青森県産の安心・安全の美味しい食材を使ったお料理で皆様のご来館をお待ちしております。通常のお料理プランの他に、動物由来の食材を使わないビーガンプランも提供しております。


  • Address:8-1,miyashita,itadome,kuroishi city,Aomori   青森県黒石市板留宮下8-1
  • Phone:0172-54-8308