Aseishi River 浅瀬石川

The Aseishi River is part of the Iwaki River system. The source of water for the Aseishi River is from the melting snow of Hakkoda mountain range, which extends to the west of Lake Towada. The water, once stored, enriches the lives of the people of Tsugaru and provides water for the farming fields. The Aseishi River, which flows along Route 102, flows through Kuroishi City, joins the Hirakawa River in Fujisaki Town, and eventually joins the Iwaki River and flow into Lake Jusan.


The riverside has a walking course, where you can enjoy fishing, walking and cycling while listening to the sounds of many wild birds.


The Aseishi River area is a treasure trove of hot springs. Just downstream of the Asaseishi River Dam are the Itadome, Ochiai, and Nuruyu hot springs, and along the Aoni River, a tributary of the Asaseishi River, is the Aoni Onsen, famous for its lamp inn.