Narumi Jozouten / 鳴海醸造店

Owner of Narumi Jozouten : Mr.Narumi

Narumi Sake Brewery is a sake brewery founded in 1806. You can tast and buy our original Kuroishi local sake here. We recommend Daiginjo Inamuraya Bunshiro and Kikunoi to you, these are excellent sakes at our shop.

鳴海醸造店は創業1806年の酒蔵です。黒石の地酒を試飲&ショピングできます。大吟醸 稲村屋文四郎 や菊乃井は絶品のお酒です。


  • Address:1-1,nakamachi,kuroishi city,Aomori  青森県黒石市中町1-1
  • Phone:0172-52-3321
  • Hours:8:30~16:30
  • Closed:Irregularly / 不定期公休 / 不定休